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What are stock hair systems?

Stock hair systems are the preset hair systems or toupees that we usually carry in our inventory. With years of experience in the hair industry, we have carefully selected a large number of stock toupees of different colors and sizes to meet the needs and requirements of most customers.

Whether it’s thin skin poly, French lace, Swiss lace, a monofilament top or a combination of different base materials, we provide a wide variety of toupees, which are very popular with wholesale and retail customers. Let's see some advantages and disadvantages of our stock toupees
  • Ready to use: because these are our stock hair systems, as the name suggests, they are usually in our storehouses. This means that you can place an order and expect delivery within 24 hours.
  • Shorter waiting time: Although there are a large number of stock hair systems in our inventory, some models may still be in production or transported to our storehouse.
  • Affordable price: one of the biggest advantages of our hair stock system is affordable price. You can buy many toupees for less than $200, while our most expensive toupee costs less than $350.
  • Easy to return: don't like the stock hair system you ordered? You can return it! Please remember that you have 15 days from the date of receipt of the order to return the order and receive a full refund. The hairpiece will also have to be relatively untouched. Also note that if you choose any function, such as base trimming or toupee styling, it will be considered as final sales, so you will not be able to return or replace it.
  • Higher quality / consistency: since our stock toupees are mass-produced, they are more consistent with toupees from hair to knot. Through mass production of toupees, the overall final product is more stable and accurate. In addition, the quality is usually better because there is no time pressure to produce toupees compared with customized toupees.
  • Limited customization options: the biggest disadvantage of the stock hair system is that the available customization is very limited. We do offer custom stock toupees, but you can only make minor changes to the basic size and hair density. If you need further customization, you will need a customized hair system.
  • May not be suitable for 100%: another disadvantage of stock toupees is that it may not be suitable for you. This is because our stock hair system has a preset size, which can be cut down to fit your head in some cases.

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