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Men's toupee maintenance
Human hair toupees are the same as our own hair maintenance. Today, we will popularize a little knowledge about toupee maintenance.
Items needed: shampoo, conditioner, towel, comb, toupee holder.
First, turn out the hair net inside, put the shampoo into the basin, stir and foam evenly, soak the toupee in the water for three minutes, gently knead the toupee, rinse it, use conditioner and wash it again
Second, pick up the toupee from the water, pinch the toupee to remove the excess water, place it flat on the towel, press the toupee to absorb the water, and the hair will be messy after washing. Comb the toupee with a comb and put it on the support.
Third, dry it with a hair dryer or dry it naturally (when blowing the toupee with a hair dryer, blow it from top to bottom, so that the effect will be better and the toupee will not be disordered)
Fourth, when the toupee is half dry, you can apply a small amount of Dharma protection essential oil to make the hair look better.
If you want to shape your toupee, the temperature should not exceed 200 degrees when perming.
The wig can be washed every ten days or a half months. You don't have to wash it every day. But when we wear it everyday, we can spray some nursing liquid or purified water, and then comb it smoothly.
The above is the process of cleaning and maintenance of toupees. What do you use to wash and maintain your hair, just use the same on the toupee. It's not as complicated and troublesome as you think.
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