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Do you know how to wear a mens toupee?
How to wear a mens toupee to look better? Mens toupees are different from womens wigs. Womens hair is long, so we need to  bind up your hair with a hairnet, then start to wear a wig. Men usually use a hair block. Put it on their head and adjust the position.
However, although men's toupees are easy to wear, many hair friends reflect that the toupees they wear are not real at all. It seems that it's better to wear a hat.
In fact, in our life, men wearing toupees are not fresh at all, and they have a high sense of authenticity. They may not be able to distinguished that they are wearing a men toupee when standing in front of you.
So how do men look better with toupees? Why is your toupee so fake while others' are very real?
Toupee wearing sequence
First, comb your hair and keep it clean and tidy;
Second, wear the toupee from front to back, put the front end of the toupee on the hairline, and then pull the toupee back with both hands.
Third, put it on and tidy up your broken hair, check to see if the toupee is properly worn.
Fourth, spray hair gel. Comb your hair into the desired hairstyle.
The reason why other people's toupees look more real is that the toupees they buy are more delicate, the bottom of the hair is very light and thin, the hairline and temples, and the excessive position of the edge can closely fit the scalp without raising the tail and stiffness. The hair is fluffy and smooth after combing, so they will look good without any skills after wearing.
Most hair friends buy toupees of inferior grade. The quality of this kind of toupee is not good. The hair is rough, and the bottom of the hair is thick and stuffy. It looks very clumsy and not realistic enough.
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